Definitive Technology Ultra compact high performance powered subwoofer SuperCube 2000 (Each)

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Definitive Technology Ultra compact high performance powered subwoofer

  • Huge bass from a .6 cubic foot box!
  • New 650 Watt Class D amplifier
  • Explosive bass response for movies
  • Quick, tight accuracy for full music enjoyment
  • High-gloss lacquer finish complements any decor

Huge Bass, Tiny Box

If you want all the high-impact bass excitement of the finest home theater audio systems without taking up a large amount of floorspace, then this is the subwoofer for you. The SuperCube 2000 is the upgraded successor to the SuperCube III, the most successful subwoofer in Definitive's history. It incorporates a new 7-1/2-inch SuperCube technology woofer pressure-coupled to two 7-1/2-inch ultra low bass radiators. The total piston area is greater than a 12-inch diameter woofer but with far greater speed, musicality and control than a single large-diameter woofer could ever deliver and it all fits in an impossibly tiny enclosure that is easy to tuck away out of sight. The SuperCube 2000 can easily fill all but the largest domestic spaces with loud, visceral, extended, and musical bass yet it occupies less than three-quarters of a square foot of floor space!

Music Lovers Rejoice

Subwoofer manufacturers are always talking about how "explosive" their subwoofers are (frankly, so do we), but there's more to home entertainment than rocket blasts and explosions there is also music, be it in the movies you watch or the CDs you enjoy. And for music, the quality of a subwoofer's performance is just as important as its quantity. The bass should be tight, precise, and musical as well as deep and loud. Bass notes should have pitch, not just a dull thud or drone. Definitive Technology is run by audiophile music fanatics, and the very first thing we do to evaluate a subwoofer prototype is listen to music. If a subwoofer doesn't sound superb with music, it's not a Definitive.

Rock Solid Cabinets Ensure Pure Low-Distortion Response

The cabinet of a loudspeaker plays a large part in its sonic performance. Resonance and vibration can add unwanted distortion and drain away important energy from the system. Definitive's subwoofer enclosures have been specifically engineered to be totally inert and vibration-free to ensure you of absolutely pure sonic reproduction. The low-resonance wood composite cabinet incorporates internal braces to ensure total solidity. To top off the extraordinary performance, the SuperCube 2000 is finished in gorgeous piano-gloss black lacquer.

All New Electronics

The SuperCube 2000 uses an all-new digital amplifier that's higher performance and more robust than ever before. Its single LFE input makes setup with multi-channel receivers quick & easy.

Explosive Bass for Movies, Exceptional Precision for Music

Included Accessories (4) Carpet Spikes
Electronics Warranty 3 years
Cabinet Warranty5 years
Drivers Warranty5 years
Carton 1 13.25" (33.66 cm) h x 13.25" (33.66 cm) w x 14" (35.56 cm) d - 25 lbs (11.34 kg)
Height10.75" (27.31 cm)
Width10.25" (26.04 cm)
Depth10.88" (27.64 cm)
Driver Complement (1) 7.5" (19.05 cm) d (Round) - Subwoofer (2) 7.5" (19.05 cm) d (Round) - Bass Radiator
Total Frequency Response 20 Hz → 200 Hz
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Channels 1
Power650 watts
Amplifier ClassClass HD
Primary Protection Circuitry Multiband Dynamic Range Optimizer (M-DRO)
Audio Inputs LFE (Unfiltered)
US Voltage110 volts A/C
International Voltage220 volts A/C
Power Cycle Signal Sensitive Auto On/Off
US Fuse Type6.2 amp 250 volt Slo Blo
International Fuse Type4 amp 250 volt Slo Blo