Marantz Signature Super Audio CD Player with DAC - SAKIRUBY
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Key Features

Pure Marantz Sound

HDAM technology combined with optimized circuit design layout and carefully selected components, it provides exceptional sound quality and performance.

Sound Master Tuned

Engineered and extensively tuned by a team drawing on more than 35 years of Marantz CD and SACD design knowledge.

Your Music Your Way

Enjoy masterful playback from your SACD, CD collection and more the way you expect from a Marantz

Asynchronous USB Input

Marantz innovative and proprietary SACD/CD mechanism “SACDM-3” designed purely for the best CD performance.

CDs, SACDs and Beyond

The SA-KI Ruby goes so much further than just disc playback: it's also a fully-functional digital-to-analog converter for music stored on a home computer, as well as having conventional digital inputs for existing source components. Those conventional inputs - optical and coaxial - can handle your music files up to 192kHz/24bit. Ruby to maintain signal purity and sound stability.

More Than a DAC

Built with an integrated DAC, the SA-KI Ruby features an all-new disc transport mechanism that re-engineers the digital to analog conversion. Taking full advantage of the 1-bit conversion technology, the SA-KI Ruby incorporates innovative new filtering and up-conversion, providing a simple yet elegant solution.

Marantz Musical Mastering: MMM-Stream and MMM-Conversion

At the heart of digital audio in the SA-KI Ruby lies DSD. PCM and DXD inputs are up-converted to DSD at 11.2MHz using the proprietary MMM-Stream converter within the player, and the high-frequency signal produced is processed by the unique MMM-Conversion stage, used in place of a conventional DAC, to produce the analog output.

High Current Power Supply

The power supply of the SA-KI Ruby features a large high current toroidal power transformer with OFC (oxygen-free copper) secondary wires, along with high speed, high current Schottky Barrier Diodes in the rectifier stage for the purest DC voltage output.

Built to Perform

Like the complementary PM-KI Ruby integrated amplifier, the SA-KI Ruby Super Audio CD player is constructed to the highest standards, with a copper-plated double layer chassis for rejection of mechanical interference, a front panel built from thick, heavy, non-magnetic aluminum panels and a 5mm thick aluminum top cover.

CD Compatibility: SACD / CD / CD-R/RW / DVD R/RW / MP3 / WMA Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
CD-Text / SA-CD Text / ID3 Tag / WMA Meta Tag / AAC Meta data Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
HDAM version Yes HDAM SA3 +HDAM SA2
Asynchronous mode rear USBYes
USB-B DSD Audio Streaming (DoP) Yes DSD2.8 / DSD5.6 / DSD 11.2
Dual Clock: 44.1 / 48 kHz Yes / Yes
Power Transformer: Toroidal / El Yes / No
High Grade Audio Components Yes
Customised Components Yes
Symmetric circuit layout Yes
Extra metal plate for chassis strengthing Yes
Digital out off / Audio EX Mode Yes / No
DAC operation mode: USB / Coax / OpticalYes / Yes / Yes
Selectable filter: CD / SA-CD Yes / Yes / + DAC-Mode
Zero Impedance Matching joint copper Yes
Display: Dimmer / Off No / Yes
Low noise LCD display Yes
Program Play (CD) 20
Repeat Yes
Random Play Yes
Analogue Out (Cinch) 2ch
Digital Optical In / Out Yes / Yes
Digital Coaxial In / Out Yes / Yes
Sample Rate digital In 192 kHz/24-bit
Gold Plated Cinch [CD]:Thick nickel plated independent terminals Others: Gold plated
USB Audio (Rear ) Yes
Sample Rate USB type A In MP3: 44.1~48KHz/32~320kbps , WMA: 44.1~48KHz/48~320kbps , AAC: 44.1~48KHz/16~320kbps , WAV: 44.1~192KHz , FLAC: 44.1~192KHz , ALAC: 44.1~192KHz , AIFF: 44.1~192KHz , DSDIFF/DSF
USB type B input for PC (rear) Yes
Sample Rate USB type B In DSD: 2.8 / 5.6 / 11.2 Mhz PCM: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192/352.8/384kHz
D-Bus Yes
Headphone Out Yes
Headphone Volume Control Yes
Headphone Gain Setting: Low / Mid / High Yes / Yes / Yes
Headphone On/Off setting Yes
Mechanism Marantz SACDM-3
D/A Conversion Marantz Musical Mastering (MMM)
Dither MMM-Stream (fixed: Dither 1)
Noise Shaper MMM-Stream (fixed: 3rd-1)
Digital Filter MMM-Stream (filter 1, 2)
Output Buffer Full Discrete current feedback Amplifier
Headphone amp Full Discrete Headphone Amplifier
Frequency Response (SACD) 2 Hz x 50 kHz
Dynamic Range (SACD) 109 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio (SACD) 112 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (SACD) 0.00%
Frequency Response (CD) 2 Hz x 20 kHz
Dynamic Range (CD) 98 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio (CD) 104 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (CD) 0.0015%
Available Colors: Gold / Silver / Black / Silver-Gold No / No / Yes / No
Aluminum Front Panel Yes
Chassis Copper plated / Double layer
Remote Control RC005PMSA
Power Consumption in W47
Standby Consumption in W below 0.3
Auto Power off Yes
Detachable Power Cable Yes
Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in inches 17.32 x 16.5 x 5
Weight in lbs. 37.7