Award Winning Security Systems

We understand that you put the safety of your home and family first. Here at Georgian Audio Video, we do too. With advanced communication technology, we are able to offer 24 hour home security that monitors burglary, carbon monoxide and fire dangers while looking out for other critical conditions, such as flooding and extreme temperatures.

We have partnered with ADT to provide you with reliable home security services to protect the people and things you value most, whether you're sleeping in your own bed or away on a trip.

24 Hour Security Monitoring Services

Our security systems operate simply and efficiently. If your home security sensor or equipment is triggered, it will alert you with an audible alarm noise as well as relay a signal to the 24-Hour Customer Monitoring Center, where a professional will then give you a call to ensure you are safe. If you choose to report an emergency or you are unable to answer our attempts to call, we will then alert the fire department, police or emergency response personnel as necessary.

The cutting edge communication technology and trained Georgian Audio Video staff are prepared to ensure your safety through dependable home security services.

24 Hour Monitoring

With ADT home security alarm monitoring, you're always connected. Our nationwide Customer Monitoring Centers are backed by powerful equipment with secure communications links 24/7. Should a connection to one monitoring center ever be interrupted due to adverse conditions, one of our other centers will promptly take over the home security alarm monitoring. It is this nationwide connection that gives ADT the ability to offer you continuous security.